Mice and rats are pests which can be commonly found in many homes. These pests go from room to room searching for food, and they like to make their homes inside the nooks and crannies of homes where they may be warm and not be in extreme temperatures, as well as be safe from predators such as snakes, eagles, and hawks.

These pests can readily get into houses through the tiny holes and vents, as well as smaller cracks in the walls and doorways. If they cannot get into the house under the doors or through windows, they’ll crawl up pipes till they find a small hole at the place where they can get through.

Rats and mice are disease carriers. They will leave their waste on food products, utensils, and basically anything and everything they happen to be on. As a result, it becomes easy for anybody in the house to develop ailments. Since rats and mice will go anywhere and everywhere, such as drain pipes, garbage bins, on skunk feces and even the filthiest of locations, they are extremely dirty.

Mice and rats need to be exterminated in order to prevent problems like damaged furniture, contaminated food, and diseases. Many rodent control methods exist, and most of them are intended to kill rats and mice. However, they can sometimes have adverse effects on humans and pets such as cats and dogs.

A lot of the products for rodent control have toxic chemicals that will kill rats and mice, and they may also be harmful to other animals and humans if they’re ingested accidentally. As a result of advancements in science and technology, though, we finally have rodent control methods that are entirely safe for humans and pets yet effective at eliminating mice and rats.

One good illustration of the latest rodent control methods is the electronic mouse trap. This mouse trap is a little box that comes with rechargeable batteries, an electronic circuit, and a LED indicator. The entrance of this device is tunnel shaped and there’s an outlet at the back. Electronic mouse traps neither uses nor emits toxic chemicals that could pollute the air. You can place this mouse trap in the corners of your home. Place a small bit of bread, butter, or any food item in the tunnel shaped inlet; this will function as your bait. You’re going to learn if a mouse or rat is dead inside the electronic mouse trap by the blinking of the LED indicator, which is not likely to stop blinking until you empty the trap.

These traps let you get rid of the mouse and rat infestation in your home minus the gory blood. These traps do not kill the mice and rats, and they certainly won’t pose any threat to your pets or even smallish kids since there are not any springs or metal rods that snap. Instead, this modern rodent control method is an transparent box which has an opening on top. Once a rat or mouse is inside, it will not be able to get out. It is possible to readily dispose of the mouse somewhere far away.